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Government announces inclusion of Retail and Wholesale trades as MSMEs

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Retail and wholesale trade were left out of the ambit of MSME. Under the revised guidelines, MSME has issued order to include retail and wholesale trade as MSME and extending to them the benefit of priority sector lending under RBI guidelines. The revised guidelines will benefit 2.5 Cr Retail and Wholesale Traders.

Minister of MSME and Road Transport and Highways Shri Nitin Gadkari today announced revised guidelines for MSMEs with inclusion of Retail and Wholesale trades as MSMEs. In a Tweet he said under the leadership of PM Shri Narendra Modi Ji, we are committed to strengthening of MSME and make them engines for economic growth. Shri Gadkari said the revised guidelines will benefit 2.5 Crore Retail and Wholesale Traders. He said Retail and wholesale trade were left out of the ambit of MSME, now under the revised guidelines, retail and wholesale trade will also get benefit of priority sector lending under RBI guidelines.

With the revised guidelines the Retail and wholesale trades will be now be allowed to register on Udyam Registration Portal.

No. 5/2(2)/2021-E/P & G/Policy
Government of India
Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises
(Policy Division)

710, Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi


Subject: Activities (NIC code) under MSMED Act, 2006 for Udyam Registration -Addition of Retail and Wholesale Trade- regarding

1. This Ministry’s O.M. No. UAM/MC/01/2017-SME dated 27.06.2017 on the subject ‘Activities (NIC codes) not covered under MSMED Act, 2006 for registration of Udyog Aadhaar Memorandum (UAM)’ excluded certain activities from registration on UAM Portal. This O.M. was further validated for Udyam Registration vide O.M. no. 5/2(1)/2020-P&G/Policy dated 17.07.2020. Certain changes were made vide 5/2(1)/2020/E-P&G/Policy dated 01.12.2020; where it was clarified that in Table. 1 of O.M. No. UAM/MC/01/2017-SME dated 27.06.2017, NIC codes 45, 46 and 47 and the activities mentioned against these NIC codes, are not permitted for registration in Udyam Registration Portal (

2. The Government has received various representations and it has been decided to include Retail and wholesale trades as MSMEs and they are allowed to be registered on Udyam Registration Portal. However, benefits to Retail and Wholesale trade MSMEs are to be restricted to Priority Sector Lending only.

3. Accordingly, the list of eligible additional activities under NIC Code 45, 46 and 47 are as under :

45 Wholesale and retail trade and repair of motor vehicle and motorcycles
46 Wholesale trade except of motor vehicles and motor cycles
47 Retail Trade Except of Motor Vehicles and motor cycles

4. The Udyam Registration is allowed for above three NIC Codes and activities mentioned against them.

5. The Enterprises having Udyog Aadhaar Memorandum (UAM) under above three NIC Codes are now allowed to migrate to Udyam Registration Portal or they can file Udyam Registration afresh.

6. Consequent upon above changes, para 2 including Table. 2 mentioned in O.M. no 5/2(1)/2020/E-P&G/Policy dated 01.12.2020, stands omitted.

(A.K. Tamaria)
Deputy Director (Policy)


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