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FSSAI has issued the Standard Operating Procedures for refund

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The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has issued the Standard Operating Procedures for applying and processing of refund of erroneous or inadvertent payments credited into the FSSAI Account in respect of license registration fee

There have been instance, where the applicant has applied several times for the registration on the FSSAI online portal. According to the Standard Operating Procedure, the request for the refund of the payment of a fee for the license or the registration shall be made within 1 year of the payment, online on the registration portal.

The application shall be dealt with by the Regulatory Compliance Division (RCD) shall then forward the complaint to the IT Division.

After the inspection has been completed by the IT Division, the request shall then be processed with the proper facts by the RCD for the repayment. Further, the Repayment shall be processed according to the administrative structure provided by the competent authority and no Refund of less than Rupees 100 shall be processed.

The refund shall be done only in cases of double payment or due to some technical glitch, made through razor pay. The amount shall be then refunded through razor pay only. The fee paid successfully for the registration or the license shall not be refunded.

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