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Everything about Tax Havens

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Contents :

1. Whether tax haven mean that lower rate of tax? If not what are real attributes of tax haven?

2. Are USA and UK are also tax havens? If yes then how?

3. How the big companies like Google and Apple avoid taxes?

4. How the individuals use them? What are different system of taxation around the world?

5. what do you mean by split year residency? How the individual do their capital gain tax planning?

How the trust was used and what is protector in context of trust formed worldwide?

6. What is the status of foundation and how it is different from trust?

7. What do you mean by IBC and how the person worldwide own and manages it?

8. What is the fate of tax havens around the world after Panama leaks, HSBC leaks & Paradise leaks?

9. How the offshore and Onshore IBC managed and owned by the person around the world?

10. What Is protector Cell Company and what is it’s status and benefit from using the same?

11. Where is Gift City in India and what does it meant for India?

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